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Flax Seed

Adding seeds is a very smart way to add more protein and vitamins into a  low calorie diet making it an excellent snacking option.

Breadnut- The breadnut is extremely high in fiber, calcium, potassium, folic acid, iron, zinc, protein and vitamins A, E, C and B. The fresh seeds can be cooked and eaten or can be set out to dry in the sun to roast and eaten later. Stewed the nut tastes like mashed potato, roasted it tastes like chocolate or coffee and can be prepared in numerous other dishes. In Petén, Guatemala, the breadnut is being cultivated for exportation and local consumption as powder, for hot beverages, and bread.

Catherine Middleton’s Wedding Dress

kate middleton

From the Official Royal Wedding website:

Miss Catherine Middleton’s Wedding Dress has been designed by Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen.
Miss Middleton chose British brand Alexander McQueen for the beauty of its craftsmanship and its respect for traditional workmanship and the technical construction of clothing. Miss Middleton wished for her dress to combine tradition and modernity with the artistic vision that characterises Alexander McQueen’s work. Miss Middleton worked closely with Sarah Burton in formulating the design of her dress.

Perry Ellis


Company profile:

“Perry Ellis International, Inc. is a leading designer, distributor and licensor of a broad line of high quality men’s, women’s and children’s apparel, accessories, and fragrances. Our collection of dress and casual shirts and tops, suit separates, sweaters, dresses, pants, shorts, jeans wear, outerwear, swimwear, golf apparel and activewear is available throughout all major levels of retail distribution.”


mother's day

You filled my days with rainbow lights,
Fairytales and sweet dream nights,
A kiss to wipe away my tears,
Gingerbread to ease my fears.
You gave the gift of life to me
And then in love, you set me free.

Young Skin

young skin

This is not a secret, the key to keeping your skin looking younger is at your food intake. Many of us just ignore this fact and spend tons of money on face creams and treatments and even though many of those creams and treatments can help you, imagine what they would do if you changed your meals to benefit your skin as well.

Here are some foods that can help you keep that skin looking  young and fresh:

Change of Hairstyle

2011 hairstyles

With so many beautiful creative hairstyles now and days, why keep that same boring look we have for years?

Some of us fear change. We keep the same hairstyle because we know it works for us and then comes the “if” on the wish to change, what “if” it doesn’t work for me? The simplest answer to that is, you can always change or grow it back. If we don’t try it we’ll never know what could have been!
Long or short, you have so many choices that it’s hard to pick a favorite hairstyle. I suggest for you to go to a good professional for the best result. You can find images of great hairstyles over the internet or in magazines. Give those images to your hairdresser and get their opinion on what could work for you.

Elizabeth Taylor

Liz Taylor

One of the most beautiful woman of all times, Liz Taylor was born Dame Elizabeth Rosemond, in February 27, a British-American actress. She became one of the great screen actresses of Hollywood’s Golden Age. Liz was known from her distinct acting ability and her violet eyes.

In 1965, she tried to renounce her United States citizenship, to wit: “Though never accepted by the State Department.  Attempting to shield much of her European income from U.S. taxes, Elizabeth wished to become solely a British citizen. According to news reports at the time, officials denied her request when she failed to complete the renunciation oath, refusing to say that she renounced “all allegiance to the United States of America”.

Halloween Makeup

Halloween makeup image

Halloween is one of my favorite Holidays.  It’s a time where creativity and joy is all around. Personally I love costumes; it is so fun to be something or someone else for a day. What can be more fun than that? Many inspire their looks into heroes, myths, legends and even objects. There is a perfect costume for everyone as long it gives you joy – that is the idea, having fun.

Costume makeup can be really creative depending on the costume you choose.  For this event there is no rule, the more the better is my advice. Pick a costume and find inspiration for the makeup.  There are so many things you can do, you definitely won’t be bored!

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