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There are many great hairdressers out there.  What would we do without their creations? They dedicate their work to creating new looks that can fascinate us, cuts that become icons and hair that is so extraordinary it can make their celebrity client more famous just because of a new look. From the many talented ones out there – I will introduce my favorites:

José Eber

One of the most recognized names in hair styling. He created the most influential looks of the 70s, 80s and 90s and made his name in the history of fashion.

Clients are varied and range from ordinary people to very high profile, Hollywood Stars.  Born in France, he learned how to appreciate people’s differences in beauty and personality. José Eber analyzes each client’s personality, lifestyle and facial structure to create a look unique for that client representing his/her interior characteristics.

His first icon look was Farrah Fawcett, followed by Cher and then Elizabeth Taylor. José then opened his first signature salon in Beverly Hills and ten years later expanded into his elegant salon on 2 Rodeo Drive.  Today he owns around 10 very prestigious places around the United States.

Here you can learn more about him, his products and collection: http://www.joseeberatelier.com/

Eber is a national best-selling author with two books on hair care and styling titled: Shake Your Head, Darling and Jose Eber Beyond Hair: The Ultimate Makeover Book.

Trevor Soorbie

Trevor Soorbie started in a barbershop and now is one of the great names in Hair styling.  Highly acclaimed with many awards Trevor also pioneered cuts and styling techniques such as The Wedge, The Chop and The Scrunch as well as introducing many professional hair care products for the high fashion public. Trevor Sorbie definitely made his name in hair fashion.

He was born in Scotland and is a down-to-earth man that has shown his unique ability in the world of hairdressing.

Owner of the prestigious salon in Floral Street, Covent Garden – Sorbie will still put his talented hands to work as long you have the patience to wait several months for an appointment. However, he has gathered an outstanding team of stylists to work alongside him.

Here is his site.  There you can find more information about him, his work and his products. Check out www.trevorsorbie.com

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