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Today – especially in metropolitan areas, there are men who care for their appearance and lifestyle, people call those men metrosexuals. Metrosexual man are usually single young men with good income, living or working in the city, (because that’s where all the best shops, gyms, clubs and hairdressers) are.

The term originated in an article by Mark Simpson published on November 15, 1994 in The Independent.   

They are the most promising consumer market of the future. Simpson’s 2002 article “Meet the metrosexual” used Beckham as its prime example.  Men like David Beckham or Tom Egger have been called a “metrosexual icon”.  Especially Beckham that has learned that looking good is good business, being  a sportsman and keeping a rocking body is part of his job and as a model is a must.

This commercial vision is seen in television’s show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy in which the “Fab Five”  transform the appearance of the straight guy helping him to better understand the reason of treating themselves with more care.

Men didn’t go to shopping malls and spent a lot money on their appearance, so consumer culture promoted the idea of a sensitive guy who went to malls, bought magazines and spent freely to improve his personal appearance. Men’s fashion magazines – such as Details, Men’s Vogue, and Cargo (defunct) target what one Details editor calls “men who moisturize and read a lot of magazines”.

The men of the future for me personally are those men who care for their appearance and are sensitive and understands that it’s a part of well-being and self respect to care for their body as well as their mind.

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