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As a teenager very few can say they were acne free at those years. I am one of them that was not acne free, and even though I did not have a major problem, I still had some that would bother me.

During those years it’s really important for us girls or guys to look nice and healthy. Even though it’s natural to have acne showing, trying our best to keep it under control is a big plus.

Some will think is not a big deal, that we shouldn’t care or worry about it, I will say the opposite – that we should care and treat it the best way possible. My first recommendation is that to check with a dermatologist and get tips and advice from him (or her) on how to keep the acne under control.

If your case is not alarming and you want to avoid them since you have oily skin it’s easier than you think, Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Control Kit could be the perfect solution for you. My 20 year old cousin has faced acne issues since she was 14 and so did her brother, now 17. They are both using this kit and they said is the best product they used so far.

I would say it’s worth a try but before you do, check with a specialist and see what she/he has to say.

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